Picket Hill

Freetown City

Picket Hill

Duration :   4 Days 3 Nights
The Price :   $120.00
Max People :    12
Age Range :   10-50

Date Expired !

Picket Hill is the name of the highest mountain in the Western Area Peninsula. Lot of people thinks it a hill but according to conclusion it has be ranked as the height’s mountain with a height of 880 metre above sea level, around the peninsula region where Freetown and many of Sierra Leone finest beaches are located. It is ideal for those who fancy a test of humanity and can keep on marching to the sweet promise of a stunning view.

Schedule Details


Gather at the Sierra Leone Cotton Tree for take off


Orientation on the tour and the rules to follow.


Bus Depature to Hill Station for the Tour adventure site

11am - 3pm

Hill climbing and group discussions


Do you have first aid kit?

Yes there are first aid kit and specialist to attend to any injury

How high is the picket hill?

The picket Hill is the tallest mountain in the Freetown Peninsular.

What's Included

  • Accommodation
  • Additional Services
  • Airport Transfer
  • Hotel Rent

Location Map

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